About Us

For over 20 years, the BMMA has been working hard to reimagine the way telco broadband service providers connect.

Our Vision

To advance the adoption and use of telco broadband services in all market segments including consumer, business, and government, with the goal of increasing the profitability of all industry participants.

Our Mission

We focus on a fusion of marketing, product management, and product development to level-up telco broadband services across every market segment, from business to consumer to government.

Your Voice Matters

By joining the BMMA, you'll have a say on how broadband develops and in what technical direction, based on numerous market drivers. After all, nobody knows the industry better than those who live and breathe it every day. This is your chance to strengthen your position in the industry and become a key influencer with the BMMA community on your side.

Established in 2003, the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) is a non-profit organization that fosters meaningful collaboration and communication amongst businesses in our industry. The BMMA offers unique services that are hard to come by in today's world, bringing telco broadband service providers and vendors together to learn and share their insights, experience, and wisdom. We are always pushing one another to work harder and achieve more for the members of our community and for our industry.

BMMA memberships are available to any broadband industry service provider, government agency, consultant, analyst, CPE manufacturer, or anyone else who shares our vision and values. You may apply for a membership in seconds, after which you can enjoy the endless rewards that come with being a part of the BMMA family. Aside from spreading awareness regarding the need for your services, you'll also discover how to maximize your profitability.

Our Top 6 Goals

  • To positively impact the realm of broadband services through awareness.
  • To trigger new thought patterns that foster increased acceptance and use of broadband services.
  • To encourage broadband growth through cross-party collaboration, by focusing on various providers, the power of technology, and multiple geographies.
  • To fuel interoperability between development, market analysis, and awareness through education.
  • To identify what influences success in the industry, and how to fuel positive future changes accordingly.
  • To influence key stakeholders by showcasing how the BMMA can transform the industry in a positive light, from standards to legislation and beyond.

We firmly believe that there is a lot to learn by listening to our peers. Whenever we're facing an issue, a connection we have with someone else could be the key to demystifying it all. Where others burn bridges, we build them - providing you with a safe haven and middle-ground to share best practices, discover evolving industry trends, and foster key relationships with key people you need to know about.

Board of Directors

The BMMA membership held the annual election for our 2024-2025 Board of Directors on April 16, 2024.
We are proud to announce the following individuals were elected:

  1. Co-chair: Jared Lindman, MTA
  2. Co-chair: Justin Nucci, Tbaytel
  3. Treasurer: Conor Steadman, F-Secure
  4. Secretary: Brittney Shinn, Kinetic
  5. Director: Michael Cooper, Zyxel
  6. Director: Mark Cunningham, DIRECTV
  7. Director: Lacey Hawkins-May, Calix
  8. Director: Joe Kidwell, altafiber
  9. Director: Mark Thomas, SaskTel
  10. Executive Director: Charlie Conway, ResearchFirst, Inc.

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The BMMA provides a unique opportunity in which operators can network with their peers and vendors, sharing their successes which often results in new ways in which they can better serve their customers. TDS Telecommunications has been able to leverage this feedback along with other essential information regarding current industry trends and research which has translated into real business decisions.

Jarret Hesseling

BMMA is unique amongst organizations and conferences. I believe this is one of the most valuable organizations that both service providers and industry partners can belong to because of the opportunities BMMA provides to have open, honest, and collaborative dialog with your peers in the industry. I have had the privilege to be a part of BMMA for the past several years and look forward to continuing to contribute as a Board member.

Michael Cooper